Unusual Edibles

One purpose of this blog is to introduce you to some of the more unusual edible vegetables, fruits, and herbs.  Although the vegetables mentioned in this article are ones you have likely heard of you may not have grown or eaten them.

Explore some of the less common edibles - first buy purchasing a few at a farmer's market, grocery store, or health food store or see if you can get some from a friend or neighbor. Keep in mind that your home grown version will probably taste even better.   For those edibles which are easier to grow or harder to find grow just a few to try.  Try the fruit, vegetable, or herb a few different ways - cooked or raw (if both are options) and prepared in different ways.  Even a small amount can give you some idea what you think.

Hope you enjoy the article and get inspired to grow something new.

                                           Go Boldly

By Tomese Buthod
Photos by E.S. Bruhmann

try to be a seasonal locavore, almost to a fault. I love saying that I’ll eat anything — the more obscure, the better. But as much as I love food of all kinds and while I pride myself on being an adventurous eater, in the past few years I’ve had to face the fact that I still have a few kid-like suspicions of “weird food.” .....

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