Landscape Planning

It is almost the New Year and in spite of whatever the weather may be it is a great time to plan your landscape. 
Planning ahead can help prevent those situations where you bought a plant because you saw it and just have to have it but then don't know where to put it.  Hopefully it will survive  until you find and prepare a spot. 

Make a list of what you think you would like to grow.  Since this blog is about edible landscaping hopefully you have several edible plants on your list.  Trees, shrubs, and perennials can all be edible plants instead of just the typical barberry, potentilla, aspen, or whatever is often grown in your area.  Fruit trees, berry bushes, edible flowers, herbs, and other fruiting and edible foliage plants can be substituted.
Also, make a list of the vegetables, herbs, and other annual plants you would like to grow.  I would recommend beginning with those things you typically eat.  Later you can add what you would like to try.

Next, observe your property and note the sun and/or shade in various parts of your yard.  Consider that when trees are leafed out the sun or shade may be different.  Also, are some areas drier or more damp than others?  Are the some areas that are near downspouts so receive more water? 

Do you know what climate zone you are in?  You can find that information from your local extension service or check the Old Farmer's Almanac site.
The climate zone will help you determine whether the plants you choose will grow outdoors in your area.  If not you may still be able to grow them indoors.