Harvested My First Grapefruit

You may think it is not possible to grow fruit indoors.   I just harvested my first grapefruit from a tree that I have had for about two years.  In my zone 6 yard I have to keep it indoors most of the year.
My key lime produced for the first time and I have picked lemons from my lemon tree.  One of my lemon trees was purchased two years ago the other one I have had for many years and have moved from Utah to Alaska and back again.


  1. That's Great!! I have tried to grow indoor fruit and I just don't get enough light. Enjoy your yummy grapefruit.

  2. Thanks for the post mate you have written it very well.

  3. My indoor fruits get only enough light to get through the winter since they are in a East/North facing sunroom. That is the only spot I have in my current house. They survive but do much better once I put them outside for the summer. I was able to grow one of my lemons in Alaska where the only light it received year round was a West facing window. But I still got lemons!