Edible Landscaping Ideas

This article from Organic Gardening magazine has a few great ideas to get you started with an edible landscape.

Chard in the landscape

4 Edible Landscaping Ideas

Introduce edible plants into your landscape.

Michael Seliga, owner of Cascadian Edible Landscapes shares his tips for introducing edible plants into your landscape.
Sneaking a few perennial edibles into your vegetable garden, and even your ornamental borders, cuts down on work and increases the amount of food you can harvest.

Start with herbs. "Herbs are expensive to buy at the store," Seliga says. "So adding them to your landscape makes good economic sense." Reserve a small section of your vegetable garden for herbs or integrate them into your landscape. Rosemary, sages, thymes, winter savory, basils, and oregano all blend in well with flowering perennials.
Plant fruiting shrubs. Blueberries, currants, and elderberries...

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Tabletop Square Foot Garden

Recently I taught a Square Foot Gardening class at a local assisted living center and then I helped install two tabletop style Square Foot Gardens.   The tabletop gardens were built and transported by associates from the local Home Depot (Centerville, Utah).  Some residents may return to their homes and hopefully this will give them some ideas for a way they could continue to garden. 
Residents planted tomato plants

About ten days later - after residents planted seeds
 The residents helped plant tomato plants and later planted several vegetables from seeds including beans, peas, spinach, and radishes.

Tabletop Square Foot Gardening is a great way to garden for those lacking ground space or those who are not able to get down to ground level to garden. 

This is a great way to garden on a patio!  Casters can be added to the legs for those who would like to move their box around on a patio or other smooth surface.