Landscaping For Pets

When planning a landscape (or houseplants) when you have pets consider how what you plant may affect them.  Some plants are toxic to pets. I would especially be careful with dogs since they tend to eat almost anything.

Egyptian Walking Onion
Grapes and raisins - poisonous to dogs and cats.  Damage the kidneys.

Avocados -poisonous to most species but especially birds.  Damages the heart muscle.

Garlic and onions - poisonous to dogs and cats. Damage to red blood cells.

Macadamia nuts - poisonous to dogs.  Muscle and nervous system problems.

Chocolate - poisonous to most species but mostly dogs.  Nervous system and heart. 

Pet Safe Foods - for dogs and cats

Green beans
Popcorn - no salt, butter, GMO
Sweet Potatoes

For more information or if you have a pet poisoning contact the Pet Poison Helpline
or ASPCA Poison Control 

More toxic plant information 

Chickens for pets?  Here is a seed mix for chickens!

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  1. Thanks for this guide. I know a lot of people wonder how chocolate gets on the list but it's a very common eco-friendly mulch, and if you have dogs in the neighborhood, you should maybe think twice about using it in publicly-accessible areas. I also think every gardener should find out how to squirrel proof a bird feeder, and how to keep it safe from household pets. Thanks again for this post!