Preparing For Spring Planting

Some things you can do now to prepare for Spring planting:

Look at catalogs to get an idea of what you would like to grow.  In addition to the seed catalogs, for edible plants I like Richters, Logees, and Raintree.

Locate sources of compost and start making your own for later use.

Notice sun, shade, and wind patterns of your landscape.

Research your climate zone.

Make a list of what you like to eat and what of those you would like to grow.

Check your tool inventory.  If you need to take tools or mower blades in for sharpening this is a slower time of year for the shops so a great time to get it done.

Take some time for learning now.  Gardening classes begin this month!


  1. Thank Beuna, Gotta get those tools sharpened!

  2. Nice post. Most people dont realize that their tools need sharpening until they need them again by which point their garden is thriving.

  3. nice post, I would love to puts some good plants for spring time what would you suggest?