Where Not To Plant Edibles

In most cases much of a landscape or indoor scape can be planted in edibles.  There are some exceptions:
  • Local laws and regulations including city ordinances and HOA rules.
  • If you are renting and you do not have permission of the landlord.
  • In parking strips or other areas where car exhaust and other contaminants may be absorbed into plant tissue and then eaten by you.
  • Where soil and/or water is polluted with toxins which may be taken up by the plants.
The first exception may be one you could change by petitioning your city or housing development.  The second you may be able to change by explaining what you have planned to your landlord. In either of these cases you may still be able to plant edibles if they fall within the rules.  For example: If the edibles you are growing are edible flowers.  Also, some regulations only cover what is planted in the front yard or within a certain area within a corner if you are on a corner lot.

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