Starting Seeds or Planting Now?

When starting seeds or buying plants for your vegetable garden (or if you don't have a vegetable garden) consider planting some of those vegetables in other spots in your yard.

Peppers, lettuce, and many herbs are among the vegetables and herbs that are attractive plants and can be used instead of or among the other plants in your landscape. 

Were you considering an ornamental grass for your yard?  Instead why not plant chives, garlic chives, indian rice grass, society garlic, garlic, or in warmer climates, lemongrass.  You can have a grassy look and eat it too.

Lettuce is available in variety of color combinations and shapes.  Why not use it to add color and interest to your yard and taste to your table?

You can find some other ideas for substitutions and additions of edible plants to your landscape in this blog.

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